Kangoku Izakaya- Prison bar

That great philosopher, pioneer and teacher of our time, Bridget Jones has taught me many valuable lessons; one of which is that the worst thing you can do is get arrested abroad. With language barriers, no understanding of the judicial system and no idea of conditions available to prisoners, the whole situation can so easily get sticky.

For those of you intrigued by the process but with too much moral fibre to turn to criminality, our ever creative Japanese friends have come up with a crafty solution in the form of their wonderfully tacky prison-themed bar, Kangoku Izakaya.

Head down the ominous staircase and be greeted by your jailer who escorts you and your party directly to your cell. Chow down with the other felons on an average selection of poorly presented dishes. The kitchen’s budget was clearly eaten away by the theming, but lets face it, no one’s there for the food.


Rumour has it that there’s a nightly show of horrors at 8pm where you are plunged into pitch black and faced with flying gun shots and roaming zombies. Suffice to say this is no Carrie Bradshaw-esque venue for chic cocktails and witty repartee, but if you want an experience and a giggle, it’s definitely the best way to be banged up abroad.


For more information simply visit the website (with Google Translate handy):


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