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Picture if you will, a world in which you get to choose; a world where you can embrace your favourite things without any of the nasty side effects. You could own an adorable puppy without the degrading addition of having to collect its business in a small black bag. You could watch all your favourite prime time TV and cut out the promotion pedalling supermarket adverts. You could even enjoy the convenience of the underground without being pressed into a sweaty businessman’s armpit during rush hour.


Well one company is stepping up and taking you ever closer to your dream of total omnipotence. The talented team behind Eat About have heard your cries for beautiful dining experiences without tables so close together that you can share your neighbours’ sides. They know that you want to interact with your chef without angry open kitchens or awkward ‘can we thank the cook’ requests. They understand that you want ambience and atmosphere without having to shout above the raucous din of the crowds.  They get you.


So book your dinner with one of Eat About’s many celebrated and gifted chefs and you will be hosted by them, in the intimate surroundings of their home. Menus start from a wallet friendly £25 to around the £80 mark but you don’t need to spend big to sample luxury. My recent seafood extravaganza complete with oysters, lobster, saffron fish soup and a creamy apple dessert would set you back less than 30 smackers a head. You can’t argue with value like that.


There’s only one more reason why you’d be mad to miss it and that is the evident enthusiasm and dedication of its two (rather dashing) founders, Felix and Phillip. Market visits at 4am, mornings of promoting in the freezing cold and afternoon power naps followed by exquisite hosted dinners are very much on the agenda for them as they launch their exciting concept. Hard work deserves to be rewarded, so reward them by making a booking and they will reward you with a dining experience to die for.


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