The Seven Noses of Soho

If Where’s Wally has taught us anything it’s that people like to search for things. Whether it’s your niche, your feet or yourself, everyone has an endless list of things to find and I’m about to give you seven more. Of the many outings I’ve been on around London my quest for the ‘Seven Noses of Soho’ was both the most exhilarating and frustrating.

nose 3

Mystery nose #1

The legend goes that a cheeky anarchic artist took offence to the emerging ‘Big Brother’ state and planted plaster of paris noses ‘under the nose’ of 35 surveillance cameras. What a scamp. The majority are since long gone but 10 have survived, 7 of which reside in Soho. The myth continues to state that great wealth will be bestowed on he who locates all 7. Which is certainly true for Peter Berthoud who now makes his living herding hoards of people on his regular 7 noses tours.

nose 2

Mystery nose #2

I decided not to enlist the aid of a professional and go it alone. So with a printed copy of Google maps and a jaunty swing in my step, I set off from Leicester Square. Unfortunately a small nose camouflaged into the brick work is tricky to identify when the only instruction you have is a road name. Especially when that road name is Shaftesbury Avenue. After an hour pacing the pavements I gave up; in fact I unsuccessfully searched for 4 other noses before finally finding one. The pride and joy of my evening came in the form of a man’s ridged beak sticking out of the wall of London’s legendary Quo Vadis on Dean Street. And that’s the only one I’m giving you, not because I want to preserve the secret but because it’s the only one I know.

Dean street nose

Mystery nose #3

If you think you can beat my record and sniff out the remaining six click here to find the map. Note that they only indicate the street name and not the location on that street. Alternatively leave it to an expert and join Peter Berthoud on one of his walks, website:

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    Tom Windle

    Brilliant! But where in London are the two mice and a little bit of cheese? And which church provided the idea for the tiered wedding cake?….

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